Dublin, our first day in Ireland

As flights go, ours technically was flawless. Off on time, arrived early, lovely weather. We made some young woman’s day when she discovered that the two people on either side of her (us) were happy to take the center seat. We did have the screamiest child ever in the seat right in front of me. Some small elf with impossibly perfect eyebrows and no words available to her wanted to stand on the seat. The flight attendant told her mother that while the fasten seat belt sign was on, the child had to be sitting and belted. The child objected. After that, all objections (and there were many) were accompanied by screaming. Not crying. Screaming. Egad.
Needless to say there was not a lot of night that night, so we were lucky/happy to be able to check in early at our hotel. We napped until noon and then hit the sidewalk. Time for lunch.
We walked down O’Connell Street toward the Liffey and walked around Trinity college toward Grafton St. Off Grafton we found a nice spot and started our day with oysters and a lager.

Much walking and watching of people and places, from Fishambles lane to the AbbeyTheatre, we headed back to the hotel to dress up a bit for dinner.
My birthday dinner was very nice, and if Sam and I pooled our choices we could construct one winning menu. One appetizer and one entree were exceptional. Both desserts were lovely. We walked back after the meal and could go no further. It was a lovely birthday.

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