The terracotta girl


We’ve been working hard on the yard this year. After Paris, my yard and garden felt like an unmade bed, and although I will never achieve that level of espalied and manicured plants, I thought that I could do a better job of balancing the purposefully planted to wild flower (read weeds) ratio. So I have been vigorously editing the garden.

The tree guys came and removed a bunch of weed trees. I dug out the dead lilac. We weeded and moved plants, and turned the raised beds. We planted vegetables. And last week we killed ourselves getting ready for the arrival of the Winick nudes.

My dear friend Anny was married to a lovely man who died in October. Burton Winick was a graphic designer and teacher. After he retired from working for a publisher, he began to sculpt female nudes in terracotta. He worked in almost life size. I love his work.

The home Anny and Burt shared is being sold, so his sculpture garden must be dispersed. People who sat for him get dibs on the pieces. But some need a place to rest for a while. And seven of them are resting here at my house. One, the girl with the extended leg, will be staying. I am delighted.

We crafted a temporary seating place for her, nestled among the ferns. I need to call the fill dirt/flag stone company and have them deliver some flagstones so that we can finish the project. What I need is someone to build a dry stone wall. Perhaps Sam, Tetris packing master, is the guy for the job. Nonetheless, the girl with the extended leg is home.

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  1. Sharon Janesick says:

    She’s beautiful. An artist friend of mine died about 2 yrs ago and I have several of his pieces.

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      I’m growing quite attached to a couple of the other pieces. I hope they get to stay as well.

  2. liz says:

    The yard looks great Katie!

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      Thanks. We have lots of dry stone wall ideas after seeing so many in Ireland. The terra cotta girl will soon have a permanent spot.

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