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I teach seventh grade. Officially I teach English, but it never is JUST English.

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  1. ps says:

    i found you. and i love your site. and i’ve been reading it for the last hour–after i finished “she’s the man.”

  2. dkzody says:

    I too came to teaching as a second career, however middle school would make me crazy. Even 9th graders are too squirrely for me. This year I have all upper classmen and I love it. Of course, the majority of them are students I had as sophomores and who I trained very well. It’s all paying off this year.

  3. Kate Tabor says:

    @dkzody – Seventh graders have a very special challenge – they have to be prepared for changes to everything (the bodies, the brains, their friends, their relationships) every day. But they also have an honesty in their work that is refreshing. I just use the squirrely stuff to my advantage! Great to hear from you – visit again. Thanks for the time to read and comment.

  4. Sajib says:

    Hi, are you available on google talk chat? May I add you?

  5. Polly says:

    I love your blog, Kate.

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      Thanks, Polly! Thanks for reading.

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