Voyage to the Bunny Planet


“Far beyond the moon and stars,
Twenty light- years south of Mars,
Spins the Gentle Bunny Planet.
And the Bunny Queen is Janet.”

Three books that help us know that our imagination, hope, and love can transform even the worst day.

When we first found these stories, they were three small books (First Tomato, Moss Pillows and The Island Light) in a boxed set. Each tells the story of a young rabbit who has had a bad day. Robert, Claire, and Felix survive disastrous days to be whisked off to the Bunny Planet, where Janet the Queen helps them have “the day that should have been.”


Everyone needs a visit to the Bunny Planet now and then. There you can have “toasted tangerines” (your favorite snack) and soup made just for you.  You can rest in a tree or see your sweater steam near the fire as it dries.  We each know that place that will bring us peace in a world where things can often go wrong.

My girls were never huge Ruby and Max fans, but they loved this book.  I shared it with my sister’s children, and my niece (a special ed teacher in a suburban middle school and someone who has seen her share of dreadful days) has embraced this book as a talisman.

I am happy that this book is back in print.  There was a while there that I bought copies from any used book store where they were available.  Now it is a three-in-one omnibus, still compact in size. This is a “must have” as it will reward re-reading.

When I taught an Autobiography and Memoir class a number of years ago, I brought this book in. I asked my students to take a bad memory and go on a visit to the Bunny Planet. They got to rewrite the day as the way it should have been.  One of my students was excited. “My brother and I LOVED that book when we were kids.”  Truth be told, when I read it aloud to my students in class, the room got a little dusty – yeah – I had something in my throat – yeah – that’s it.

“It is the first duty of a flagging spirit to seek renewal in the latitudes of whimsy. I, for one, dream on beyond the five planets to a world without wickedness; verdant, mild, and populated by amiable lapins.”

-Benjamin Franklin, letter to his nephew, 1771.

Voyage to the Bunny Planet by Rosemary Wells

2 Comments Add yours

  1. liz says:

    Janet says come on in, here’s the day that should have been.

    Abby memorized one of the books in the second grade or so when she had to read a book aloud to the class. As she was unable to read, she memorized it. No child was the wiser in her class. I thank Bunny Queen Janet for that.

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      And, see – the bunny queen is making the room a little dusty again. I did not know this story from Abby’s 2nd grade. This makes my heart hurt a little. Gah! I love these books.

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