TLDR – what began as a facebook post


I wrote this back on October 22, returning from NYC and my father-in-law’s memorial service – heaven only knows why I didn’t post it.

Today as I was waiting in line for the loo on the plane as we awaited clearance to leave Detroit (where we had detoured because of the storm) a woman behind me was berating the flight attendant for not telling us what we going on. You see, she had called her daughter in Chicago and there was no rain. Why didn’t the pilot tell us/do something? Stupid American Airlines, observing that Ground Stop in Chicago.

And it occurred to me that I would never second guess a pilot of a plane – They have trained to do this job. I would never jump behind the throttle of a 737 because someone told me that my college education qualified my to fly that plane. Heck, I’ve flown in all kinds of planes, so I’m qualified to fly one, right? Anyone can fly a plane, right? Wrong…
So why does everyone think it is so easy to teach?  Sure, most of us have sat in a classroom, done school. But like flying, it’s an art and a craft.

And lives depend on it. Art and Literature and critical thinking are required of us.  They will save our lives.

The President doesn’t get this. Republicans don’t get this. Corporate schools and benchmark tests won’t develop citizen scholars. Teach for America will not save us.  We need to rewrite the narrative of school and student success, but I don’t know where to start.


Image by wlcutler

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