We’ve Got to Get Ourselves Back to the Garden…

Bindweed is like Kudzu

So, all the sewing had its opportunity cost (not in a bad way – that’s just the way of it); that, and the rains and cold weather of May made it impossible to either mow the lawn or get out and plant.  I did have a tiny window and put in mesclun and Hannah ad I did get the peas in around St. Patrick’s Day.   But the garden was given over to the weeds.

Creeping Charlie

We have our share of Ground Ivy  – known colloquially as Creeping Charlie. The best way to get rid of it is to pull it out – carefully – because all  the little bits regenerate, like a starfish. So I don’t compost it in my pile – I send it to the municipal pile. We also have asters, milkweed, violets, goldenrod, goosefoot (lamb’s quarters) and BINDWEED. The ground ivy rolls back like a carpet, making it easier to pull up. My theory on eradicating bindweed is to deny it photosynthesis.

In our garden there are four raised beds that we rotate the crops through. My cousin suggested throwing in the towel on this year because it seemed so late and laying fallow for a year by planting clover or alfalfa. Not us – our intrepid selves headed forth with implements of destruction to transform the space into a garden again –

And we did it. And we’ve planted –

and this is what we pulled up –