Foreign Words and Phrases for 100, Alex

Yesterday I asked my students for two things: a book to add to my summer reading list and a word or a phrase in Spanish that they thought I would need when I travel to Cordoba and Granada next week.  The book list will be up soon, but here is what they think I should know for my trip:

Universally, the first word that they suggested was, Hola – followed closely with Adios.

Often the next suggestion was, Por favor and Gracias (“Remember the th sound is an s Mrs. T.”) Then on to necessary functions –

  • ¿Puedo ir al baño? (Can I go to the bathroom. – though I am aware that in Spain you refer to the “servicio” or “aseo” instead)
  • Donde esta el baño/servicio/aseo? (Where is the…)
  • Yo quiero comer. (and its cousin) Yo necessito comer. (I want to eat – no, I NEED to eat)
  • Quiero dormir. (I want to sleep)
  • ¿Donde esta el restaurante? (Where is the restaurant)
  • Galletas (cookies or crackers)
  • Agua (water)
  • Carne (meat)

Then, they remembered the whole conversation, give and take, thing –

  • ¿Como estas? (How are you?)
  • Yo tambien! (Me too!)
  • ¿Que tal? (what’s happening….)

Shopping? They gave me excellent phrases that I need to know;

  • Muy caro (expensive)
  • que ganga (what a bargain)
  • ¿Cuánto cuesta? (how much does it cost?)
  • dólares (though I reminded them that in España it is Euros)
  • la cuenta (the bill)
  • No tengo dinero. (I don’t have money)

And then general  stuff

  • Tengo ganas de … (I have wanted to …)
  • ¿Donde esta …. ? (Where is…)
  • Yo no hablo Español.
  • ¿Que tiempo hace… ? (How long ago)
  • Claro que si… (Of course, if…)
  • ¿Como se dice…? (How do you say…)
  • ¿Que hora es… ? (What time is…)
  • Encanta (love)
  • Superbien
  • Amor (love)
  • Hace calor, frio o sol. (I’m hot, cold, sunny)

And because I am the pale skinned, freckled blonde teacher: La crema protector solar (at least SPF 30).

And when all else fails, one student suggested that I ask them: “Please speak English with me.”

Image is of the market in Granada by Baer Tierkel

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Maggie Tabor says:

    NEVER say Estoy caliente. Or churra.

    1. Maggie Tabor says:

      Just some words of advice. 🙂

      1. Kate Tabor says:

        Invaluable – thank you!

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