Almost March

It snows every day still.  A little bit every night.

I worry that I won’t be able to uncover enough dirt to plant peas on St. Patrick’s Day.

I hope that the spinach and arugula overwintered; I think chances are good because we mulched with all the leaves from the maple tree and we’ve had over two feet of snow. The beds should have been well insulated.

Today the maple was glistening in the sunshine (yes, blue sky). This isn’t ice or snow. The shine come from the sap that is rising and that is dripping from the branches. I’ll try and catch a photo of a squirrel, flat on his or her stomach over a branch, licking at the sweetness that is maple tree sap on a late February morning.

Sweet spring. No crocuses yet, but soon I hope to see them.

Photos are mine – the squirrel has bitten off a twig and is nibbling at the sweet interior.

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