Love of Juxta-Position

Nothing makes washing dishes more pleasant than an appropriate beverage and a Frank Sinatra CD. Those dishes got washed with a smile.

My husband wants to talk about the arrangements. I said, “Oh, those are all Nelson Riddle, I’m sure.” (Close, two were not.) I just want to imagine that I’m dancing with a tall, handsome man.

Sometimes I just have to trick myself into a close encounter with a sink full of soapy water. Hey, why shouldn’t I enjoy myself? Right?

So, on Friday when a new teacher at my school came up to my room to see what I do, we were raucously creating new words from Greek and Latin roots (tele-, circ-, trans-, via-, veni-). He walked in about the time one student misheard telethon.

“Not telethong? What?”

“Nutella?” another asked.


“Oh, no!  I have to wash my brain out! I can’t think about that! Don’t make me imagine that,” I said.

(Heard as they left class, “Best English class ever.”  A total head fake.)

If it works for them, it can work for me.

“Come on, come on, come on, and dance with me.”

Macro bubbles by chrisdlugosz

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