Papers and Peas and Plans

So much to do:

There is this website project that I can’t get my hands around.

Second drafts of stories to read. Disappointing second drafts as many (not all) have few changes from first drafts (even proofreading!).

A second set of papers are coming in Friday!

Pronoun homework to look at  to see who still needs to work on these concepts.

A new book to start for class. At least I love this one – Haroun and the Sea of Stories

My eldest opens in a new show at the Actors Gymnasium next weekend.  Four shows a weekend – 6 weekends. Gala opening on the 12th. There are costumes to finish.

And the snow has to melt. So I can plant sugar snap peas.  I have my seeds, so I am impatient to get them in. And I want to uncover the greens because we overwintered spinach in hopes of an early, early crop. Two new beds to plan and build as well.

And Daylight Saving Time starts next week. So yes, I LOSE an hour of one of my already too busy days. Where is the justice?

(image is mine – my garden last spring. I am wishing for a thaw.)

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  1. jessica says:

    for once that whole “losing an hour” thing falls on my ex’s weekend? oh wait, that means I gain an hour, dammit 😉

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      I repeat my question. “Where is the justice??” And I am so all over that “Paradise By The Dashboard Lights” video. I don’t know that I am word perfect on the song anymore. I fall apart at the baseball game. “Stop right there…””

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