Circus Dreams


My eldest daughter has just finished a short weekend run of a Halloween Circus show. The girls have worked hard over the past month and it always amazes me when the show comes together. But I’m not amazed at what they can do. When they commit to the show and really bellieve in it, the performance comes together.

The people who speak to me after shows are always amazed that I am calm in the face of dangling, spinning, climbing, twisting, tumbling.  These things don’t worry me. The girls have been training, more or less seriously, for years. They are serious athletes, but they are also theater artists.

My commitment to the ensemble is to feed them, deliver them to where they need to go, take a million photos, and create stuff for them to use (clothing, props, manes).

So, it’s like anything that we do. If you practice and are committed to your work, amazing things will happen.  I know. I just saw one.

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