2229117487_6cf59bdbb8_oNights like this after days like this make me think that I accomplish nothing in my work.

One of the paper editors wants to teach a dozen kids at school the software to lay out the paper. That would be good if we needed a dozen layout artists. It would also be good if the writing in the last issue wasn’t so terrible.  I said that we should have writing workshops first. She said we know how to write. Not that I’ve seen. Meh.

My students are sweet.  Let them be kids for a minute longer.

I’ve caught a cold.

Almost every student that I wrote recommendations for is looking at Early Decision. I guess they should call the regular deadlines Late Decision instead.

It’s rained non-stop for weeks it seems like.

I’ve got homework that I HAVE to do. No motivation. Meh.

Some of my seventh graders have learned how to be helpless. They whine. There is NO WHINING in English class.

I should take my own advice.  But I’m feeling rather hollow right now.

Image by flickr member Amanda M Hatfield

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  1. jessica says:

    could your daughter please come here and stretch with my daughter who loves gymnastics but won’t listen to her coach to stretch b/c she needs to learn to do a full split. She is so annoyed with me, I just leave it alone now.

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      Stretching your split is pretty critical, so maybe I’ll throw all three of them on a plane to you. I’m going to send you two links to some photos on facebook that you can show her. You can’t get there unless you stretch your split.
      Three keys to life in circus: flexibility, strength, teamwork. Oh, and a sense of humor.

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