Misfit Toys

215475882_d95a824e05Earlier this year one of my colleagues told me that my advisory was the Island of Misfit Toys, and that I was the Lion.

I suspect that I wear that badge with equal parts pride and sadness.  Because it’s mostly true.  One of my fears moving back to the middle school is that the Charlie in the Box or the Train with Square Wheels wouldn’t find a new home.  It has finally all come together.

The last of my advisees has found a home with an adviser who is a great fit.  Both senior advisees are happily accepted into excellent colleges that they feel good about.  And I heard on Friday that an advisee of mine who withdrew at semester for a host of personal, cognitive, and academic reasons has found a home at a school that is a much better fit for her.  I am so happy for them all.  Spring is a time for hope.  We bring to it all our best effort… and hope.

Image from flickr member Pink Sherbet Photography

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  1. Paul C says:

    Speaking of a move which may seem radical at first but then a great fit, rings true. I can recall going from 9 to 12 then back to Grade 9 and feeling uneasy at first, but then filled with joy at the enriching possibilities. Enjoying your posts.

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      You’re right, Paul. It seemed like a short sharp shock to go back to seventh grade after only three years in the upper school, but as it gets closer it feels so right. Now I’m glad that all my little ones are safely on their way to new things as well. Transitions, while unsettling, are growth.

  2. charlieroy says:

    @ Kate
    It is refreshing to read your posts and see how deeply you care about the well being of your students. I hope my own sons are fortunate enough to have a teacher like you somewhere in their life. Be well.

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      @charlie –
      I’ve known most of my advisees since they were twelve years old, and I have come to care about them. I worry that it takes an emotional toll that can be draining, but I never feel that way in the midst of it. It’s only in June or when I get news like I got last week, where my former student was ebullient in her email about her new school. Yesterday was a day of heartbreaks as kids who really deserved to be elected to student government offices did not because they lack the popular vote. I know that they will gain strength in the long run from this, but I can’t tell them that. I know that your children will find teachers that really care about their well being – we aren’t as rare a bird as all that.

      How is your garden? We are planting the tomatoes and peppers this weekend (it may finally stay above 50° at night!) so we are safe.

      1. charlieroy says:

        @ Kate
        Let’s just say I’m learning a lot about gardening. I’ve learned I need to gradually introduce my seedlings to the outdoors alas they are all dead. So I replanted and bought some already along and have put in the tomatoes and all and they are doing well. The peppers, cucumbers, beans, and corn are all doing well since the replanting.

        My herbs however are dead as I didn’t realize I needed to drill holes in the bottom of the plastic pots and they’ve all rotted. I’ve now learned how to make them drain and the replanting is well underway. I am learning.

        I planted potatoes and onions today inside of some old tires my dad dropped off. Read about trying to do them this way on line so we’ll see how it goes. My boys are really having a blast helping out and I must say I’m enjoying the learning curve.

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