Point Reyes Lighthouse


Yesterday was a spectacular day. Slightly cooler than Sunday but clear and sunny. We went to the end of the world, the Point Reyes Lighthouse. To get to it you climb down a long staircase that you must eventually walk up. There were no whales when we were there, but apparently the weekend brought sightings of 10-20 each day.

I am always amazed at lighthouses. I know that they are automated now, but I wonder about the life of a lighthouse keeper. I think that one would have to have enormous personal resources to live in that kind of isolation – as appealing as it sounds on some days. I’d have to paint or write or make music. There are charming excerpts from the lighthouse keeper’s log about assistants going crazy and shipwrecks with all hands safe.

The national seashore is spectacular.


We also walked the Chimney Rock trail. It is a vey popular trail for three reasons: it is not that long (1.86 miles) with a very gentle grade, it is full of wild flowers, and the views are amazing (and did I mention that you can see seals basking on the beaches?)

Can you see the seals basking on the beach?

We have traveled to Ireland, and this area reminds me so much of the Dingle peninsula and the western coast. Cliffs of Moher? Yep – Winding one lane roads? Yep? Tons of flowers? Yep. Wind like a windy thing? Of course!

Loved this exuberant cluster of (I think) California Poppies

The muscles in my legs reminded me this morning that I climbed all those stairs. It was worth the climb, and I’d do it again – just maybe not today (and the steps aren’t open today, so I have a good excuse).

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