Tides + Mountains

IMG_4401We are traveling for break, a different kind of brain break than the February recess as we are visiting family and determined to explore in a way that we did not explore the beach in Mexico.

The weather is lovely in Northern California compared to Chicago in April. Flowers (rhododendron, hydrangea, tulips, poppies) are blooming and everything is green. Our intention is to hike today – and one of our destinations is the beach, as the Point Reyes National Seashore is in our backyard. It’s not a long walk at all, though we can’t see it from our treetop perch. There are trailheads just up the road, and we will play it safe and stick with them.

Awoke to the “beach hazard” weather report. Large shore breaks and “sneaker waves” – something I had to look up. A sneaker wave is one that is significantly larger than the ones preceding it – so large that there is danger of being swept into the ocean when your intention was to merely walk the dog.

The house is on the leeward side of the ridge, so we have a bright breeze off the ocean. After a dry, cold winter in Illinois, the 85% humidity feels like a heaven instead of a sauna.

Beach notes to come, but now pancakes and tea and this unparalleled view.

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