Garden – intentional and accidental

photo(6)The garden report for the day includes these details:

Our compost is never hot enough to breakdown seeds, and this year the compost itself sprouted. When the rabbits took out huge sections of our intended crops, we said, “Why the heck not?” and moved a bunch of things from the compost to the beds.  What if they don’t transplant? “Who cares?”  Most things survived transplant shock.  We knew they were tomatoes of some kind (heirloom or failed hybrid – wait and see) and some potential squash/melon/cucumber things – again, we could but wait. So the tomatoes are not heirlooms but a nice paste tomato that is meaty and tasty.  I will save those seeds.  The surprises are the cantaloupes and the sweet dumpling-like hard shell squash. Huzzah!

Beans are the new zucchini –

The zucchini is bearing but at a rate that I can keep up with.

The cold tolerant heirloom tomatoes are happily sharing fruit with me.

This was not a year for cucumbers here at el Rancho Kate.

My Brussels Sprouts are HUGE and many plants.

I will never not plant kale again. What a delicious, easy, prolific, versatile green.

My daughter said to me yesterday as we were at the daily harvest, “Why can’t everyday smell like basil and mint and cilantro?”

Amen, sister.

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