So, the digging in my garden is done for a while, and now I can dig through the stuff in my house. I am throwing stuff away.

I have to do this. There is stuff that must be sorted and unpacked from my mother’s house and no place to put it. And I can’t stand the essential piles that we have created.

Yesterday I found the school directory from my second full year at school. I’m not going to save it. Being nostalgic about something like that feels to me like it borders on pack-rat, but I did notice that this year’s seniors have never known a school without Ms. T in the English Department. They were in Junior Kindergarten that year.

I have reached mid-career. That is taking some time for me to fully understand. What does that mean for the next ten years if the past 15 have flown so quickly?

image by Sean Rogers1

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  1. No need (or time) to think in years. Only moments matter.

    Real glad to see you writing again–I’ve missed your words.

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      I’m happy to be writing again. I forgot to look for the moments; maybe that’s what stopped me from writing. Lots of moments coming up. I haven’t been to the Black Hills in over a decade, and I’ve never been there without at least one of three essential people who have all died in the past three years. Thanks for stopping to comment. Happy clamming!

  2. Martha says:

    enjoying this so much will re-visit soon

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