Two Places at Once

I’m getting some traffic here from Constructing Modern Knowledge‘s website, and if ever there was a way to be in two places at once, this year I would love that ability.

If I could, I would be in beautiful Manchester, NH, July 9-12 this year.  I learned so much at CMK10 and CMK11 about learning and thinking and trusting that NOT getting it right is just as cool as getting it right as long as I found something out along the way. This year I’d go without a project in mind and see what happens.  I’d see some friends, I’d make new ones, and I’d have an amazing time.

This year we are planning a family gathering in the Black Hills of South Dakota, in the place my mother was happiest (except maybe by the pool in Florida with her grandchildren) to celebrate family.  Of course, it is the same time -so I will be enriched by stories and family and time in a spectacularly beautiful place.  I will be making things there, too – like memories and food and photographs.  And NEXT year, I will be back in Manch-Vegas, looking for a good fish taco and learning some new stuff and making some stuff I had no idea that I could make.

Image by puroticorico

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