The Alhambra


Remember what I said about castles? Location, location, location. This one is perched high on a hill overlooking, well, everything. The swallows circle overhead, in and around all of the buildings. It is an amazing place, full of magic and energy.


At the confluence of rivers you will always find people. Early hominids through whatever version of homo-sapien5.0 we are, a confluence of rivers draws us. There is so much water in Granada. Of course it takes a lot to keep all off those gardens green and blossoming, but you can hear it running underground. And here, at the top of the hill, you can see so much. Water, mountains, town, and horizon.

The Nazarid Palaces are incredible. The carvings and tile work in every space, celling, corner, niche, and hall draw you in. Oh look, more.


And more- I find the symmetry and patterns calming although the detail could seem frantic.


Because it can be overwhelming. Look up and it’s there.


Look through a window, and there is more, either green, or fountain, or tile, or carving.


I oddly took comfort from the fact that most of the flowers are ones that you would find in the gardens of my own life through my life. Petunias, dahlias, hollyhocks, coreopsis, butterfly plant, roses. The trees were not the apple and pear trees of my life but orange, lime, lemon, and pomegranate, though cedar is a familiar slender sight.


So many steps, so much effort and imagination to create. Humans can build amazing things.

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