Granada, initially skeptical

Ok, seriously, what did I stumble upon?

I thought that I was a bit put off by Granada.

The train station had the longest queue for taxis that weren’t there, but arrived leisurely in ones and twos. There was an older (than I) British couple behind me in line and she was so rude to her husband. He needed to use the bathroom, and she asked him to get her a “cold drink.” she said, ” You can’t get me a cold drink if you are just standing there.” Nice.

The tiny plaza my hotel is in is adorable, but asleep at 3:00 on a Saturday. I was hungry so I went in search of food and beverages. Dead out there. I walked a block. Well, there were some busy tabernas, so maybe…. But what’s with the lady the balloons?


I walk to the corner – Navas is the name of the street and it is jammed with people. It’s like the Chicago Pride parade mixed with a Flamenco festival. Guys dressed in costumes, ladies sleepwear, and hats – women and girls in full flamenco fabulous.

Where am I?


***UPDATE***** apparently Navas is the heart of tapas in Granada. ” City hall” it was tagged on one tour de tapas sign.

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