Where I am staying in Cordoba

I stayed at a hotel in Madrid, and I will do so in Granada as well. But here in Cordoba I have rented an apartment for four nights in the barrio of San Lorenzo. There are two churches that vie for supremacy on this street: San Lorenzo and the Corazon de Maria.

The street we are on is busy, especially when you consider how narrow it is. It’s one way, and that way is fast. To get to the apartment, you come in to a central patio. Underneath the main room of this apartment is an covered sitting area where the white Labrador hangs pout because it is cooler. I’ll post a photo of that tomorrow. And I promise a long post about the mezquita.

The house was built around 1600, and it has been lovingly renovated. Longer on romance than practicality, it is charming. I am only going to be here for a few days, so it’s oddities don’t bug me.

I had breakfast here:


Kitchen in a galley with a two burner induction range and a tiny refrigerator.


If there weren’t two nicer spots, I’d eat here, in the place next to the kitchen:


Oh, wait -view outside the window over the kitchen sink:


Then there is the main room. Table, futon sofa, bed, mirror….



Okay, siesta time. Later!

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