Another Travel Anxiety

It’s not enough that my travel anxieties include which train, what car on the train, what bus, what money, keys, passport, food, and yeah….

I have laundry anxiety.

  • What is the laundry line etiquette?
  • What if I drop something (we are on the 5th floor)?
  • Do I use all the lines?
  • Can I leave it out all day or do I need to stay home while it dries?
  • How can I be such a ninny?

I’ve done laundry in Bermuda and St. Thomas. I’ve had laundry done for me in Antigua and Porto Cervo. I’ve washed endless loads of laundry at the Jersey Shore.  I’ve hung laundry on the line in Brookings, SD and at home.  You might think this one would be a no-brainer. But you forget, it’s my anxiety.

Travel.  It broadens your laundry horizons.

Photo is mine, taken with Photobooth, looking out into the light well of the building.

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