Summer’s here

Officially.  I love solar milestones on the wheel of the year. My daughters were born on them. One on Yule, 16 years ago.  Twins on Imbolc, thirteen years ago.

So we come to midsummer  – Bergman’s film and Sonheim’s adaptation remind us that there are three “Smiles of a Summer Night”  The first smile smiles at the young, who know nothing. The second, at the fools who know too little….And the third.. for the sad, the depressed, the sleepless, the confused, the frightened, the lonely.

I’m going for the second smile, personally.

So grades are filed and I have a bunch of teachers coming here this evening to celebrate the solstice – and tomorrow I begin my list:

So it looks like InDesign and my reading glasses will be getting a work out.

But I’ll think about that tomorrow.

Image by Vassil Tzvetanov

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