Reading student stories – playlist

I am looking for suggestions of songs that are motivational, energizing, BUT not too distracting to add to the “I am reading student stories” playlist.

No show tunes: I sing along. So here are parts from my playlist:

Faves From Middle School and High School
Billy Preston – I can still see Charlie Hendrickson leading the entire choir tour bus on “Will It Go Round In Circles”
Carole King – Tapestry – beginning to end
Cat Stevens – I listened to Teaser and The Firecat over and over and over…
Credence Clearwater Revival – K-Tel by the original artists compilation flogged nightly on the television
Faces – “Stay With Me”
Harry Chapin – it was “Taxi”, always “Taxi” – none of those other story songs
Deep Purple – “Smoke on the Water” – the first time I realized that I was “funny” and could make people laugh
Crosby Stills & Nash (and Young, too) – So many songs, but later in life “Southern Cross” became THE song
King Harvest – Prom envy – “Dancing in the Moonlight”
Neil Diamond – from “Hot August Night” to his version of “Suzanne”
Nat King Cole – get my kicks and then L-O-V-E
Johnathan Edwards – “Sunshine”
Jimmy Buffet – “Come Monday” such a romantic song

College – Northwestern in the Late 70s –
The push and pull of disco and punk. Loved to dance, but fell in love with the drummer.
Bruce Springsteen – Natch’
Hall & Oates – it all started with “Sarah Smile” and my crush on David Richards who DJed the late night show on KBRK in the summer when he was home from school.
The Clash – Drummer boyfriend, but what was not to love?
Foreigner – I was in a sorority. Do you need any further explanation?
Elvis Costello – again, drummer. But Elvis is/was King. Finally saw him live this summer. What’s so funny about Peace Love and Understanding?
Warren Zevon – stories in songs. Gone too soon.
Steely Dan – perfect.
Grateful Dead – “I need a miracle everyday” just about sums it all up.
Jackson Browne – Late for the Sky
Joe Jackson – The 10 inch LP – the white shoes – the attitude – the serious jazz background.
Joni Mitchell – wore out the grooves on Blue
James Taylor – up until now it was “Fire and Rain” and Going to Carolina… but in college it was that Gorilla album. “oh, Mexico…”
Talking Heads – they saved at least one of my terrible student films. “I don’t have to prove that I am creative.”
Vickie Sue Robinson – remember I said I loved to dance? “Turn the Beat Around”
the Police – dah do do do, dah dah dah dah – now them’s lyrics
The Pretenders – who didn’t want to be Chrissie Hynde
Weather Report – “Birdland”

Who would you add to my list? Already I can think of the Manhattan Transfer – remember – these are artists before 1980. Neolithic practically. And R&B artists are on a separate list.

Image by D’Arcy Norman

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  1. Liz says:

    Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! A great list, but I would lose Talking Heads, Warren Zevon, Clash, Ramones (Sp?) and add
    Don McLean – American Pie
    Fleetwood Mac – Rumours
    Stevie Wonder – Songs in the Key of Life
    Peter Frampton – Frampton
    Melissa Manchester
    Linda Ronstad
    Pure Prairie League or New Riders of the Purple Sage
    Jackson Browne or Steely Dan – Spring Break in FL
    Simon & Garfunkel – We would not have gotten any sewing done!
    Jefferson Starship
    Billie Joel – The Stranger
    And the Carpenters

    1. Kate Tabor says:

      Lose the Talking Heads? Warren Zevon? And there are no Ramones on this list. Couldn’t read essays to the Ramones if my life depended on it.
      I’d add Billy Joel.
      Fleetwood Mac comes on the iPod and I hit skip. Can’t say why.
      Stevie Wonder in on, just a different section. Steely Dan is already there, too.
      Frampton? Just can’t.
      Maybe Linda Ronstadt and Yes to Queen but No to the Eagles
      Some Heart – I could do a whole Heart/Stevie Nicks sub playlist
      Two songs by Pure Prairie League
      Starship? Maybe Airplane.
      Karen Carpenter could sing, but I could not read papers to her. Just like show tunes, I’d sing along.
      We have a long and storied song history, Liz – It is true.

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