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Journal by Doortoriver

Like Kelly Christopherson I haven’t officially been tagged on this one, but with two open invitations from plurk friends, I’m guessing that I shouldn’t worry and just jump in. So, seven things that you don’t know about me:

  1. I love to sing. If I could just figure out how to wrap it into my day every day, I would, but when I had my daughters, they kept asking me to stop singing. So I did for a time. Now I’m itching to sing again.
  2. I played the cello in school. I started when I was 10 and I played into college, but I’m a terrible cello player. I think that I am a viola player. When my eldest daughter was taking viola lessons I couldn’t seem to put it down. I found the size and tone incredibly satisfying. And I can “fiddle” on a viola.
  3. My dad left when I was two years old. It has taken me a long time to be able to say that. I has taken me even longer to use the word ‘abandoned’ in terms of his behavior toward us, his children. I credit a class I teach on autobiography and memoir that has allowed me to think, talk, and write about those feelings. Teachers learn from their students; I learn from mine everyday.
  4. I love to cook, and I have always wanted a mandoline. No, not the musical instrument, but the amazing julienne-ing device for my kitchen. That and an AGA cooker that I would figure out how to use here.
  5. I would like to retire somewhere with a boat and have the freedom to sail it wherever. Dream boat? Nautor Swan 47 – or a slightly smaller Swan (37 was it? There was this beautiful boat called the Thistle that I used to see ). But, here’s what you really don’t know about me. I lived for a year on a boat and sailed to Croatia, but I don’t really know how to sail. I know a bunch about ‘running’ a boat, and I’d like to learn how to sail one. Of course, I would have to have my house and garden, too.
  6. I have twins.  They will be 12 on Groundhog Day or Imbolc, the festival of the return of the light on the ancient Celtic calendar or wheel of the year.  They were not diagnosed until 36 hours before they were born (at 41 weeks gestation), although I spent the usual time in a OB/Gyn waiting room for the requisite 36 weeks.  It’s a great story, one that I’ve told many times, but just not in this space.  I have three daughters; the twins (fraternal – or sororal as we call them) and a 15 year old.  Our life is never dull.
  7. I reread Pride and Prejudice all the time.  My husband says that it is like watching M*A*SH* reruns for me; I can pick the book up, open it to any page, and read for a while without being confused.   I love to read series mystery novels.  I can’t have them in the house if I have student work to read; I have NO self control.  Favorite authors are: Dana Stabenow, David Skibbins, Margaret Maron, Laurie R. King (the Marry Russell- Sherlock Holmes pastiche novels) and Peter Tremayne.  I also love kickin’ it old school with Rex Stout.

So that’s it – I’m leaving this open as a free tag – if you want to share, consider this your invitation.

journal photo by flickr member doortoriver

7 Comments Add yours

  1. An interesting post and thanks for sharing. Groundhog day has a tie in to Candlemas as well.

  2. Kate Tabor says:

    Hi Charlie – I think the genesis is Imbolc, then Candelmas, and then Groundhog Day – St. Brigid was the central figure in Ireland and the early Catholic Church there (before it became the Roman Catholic Church) if I remember correctly. Two girls born on the second day of the second month always seemed like a miracle/magic to me.

  3. I love Imbolc, and I love reading your blog.

    (I know this reply is a bit mindless, but we’re busy unfreezing pipes–the heat went out last night because the water ran low, and our brains need warming up.)

  4. Kate Tabor says:

    And I love reading your blog. Good luck with the pipes. I wanted to ask you about the science behind the lake steaming in the cold. Spectacular images – the orange sunrise and Lake Michigan steaming in the -10°F air. Wish I’d taken a photo, but I was busy driving.

  5. Clay Burell says:

    Michael, Kate, get a room why dontcha.

    Kate, I’m catching up on my reader after two weeks in Thailand, and just wanted to tell you I’m STILL tagging you for the tweaked version I made (musical) of this meme.

    You too, Michael. Though I may tag you from Change.org just to make your farty old self fluff one in annoyance.

  6. Michael Doyle says:

    I double dawg dare you, Clay.
    Yep, that’s a double dawg.

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