Get Out of Jail Free Card

Exhausted??? (photo by frumbert)
Exhausted??? (photo by frumbert)

I’m a sucker for tired students.  So today, when the seniors dragged themselves into class I moved the assignment from Thursday before break to the Thursday after break.

And then I let them do homework in class – Mind and Brain projects, reading for my class, working on drafts, studying for the Chem IV test, the Qualitative or the Quantitative Stats class.

I’m a sucker, but I’d rather have them not exhausted, read their rested and thoughtful writing, and live happily ever after.

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  1. Paul Bogush says:

    Brilliant…so refreshing to know that someone else in the world does something like that.

  2. Paul Bogush says:

    ohh..very funny image choice.

  3. Kate Tabor says:

    @Paul – sometimes the mom in me just can’t stay in the background at school. On top of their classwork, seniors have the traditional Thursday/Friday performances of the Twelve Days of Christmas (and every year they feel they have to do it better/funnier/bigger than the year before), musicians have the holiday concert on Wednesday night, and the seniors make popcorn balls for the lower school classes Thursday night. AND, they have big projects due in almost every class. That’s nuts. So – we took the day off, changed a due date, and everyone relaxed.

    …and image – thought I’d look for the tired student pic, but this one made me laugh (and they sort of looked like that today as well)

  4. Paul C. says:

    A lot of wisdom in your actions… the quality of mercy….those seniors are probably working 20 hours a week on part time jobs and are being pulled in ten different directions…and you’re asking for their best work and they will remember you dearly. (Sorry for the run-on.)

  5. Kate Tabor says:

    @ Paul (C)- It felt prudent in the moment and wise in reflection. And on Thursday at 8:10 when I see them, we are making hot cocoa and reading our book. Seems cozy already.

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