Mindset to begin the year

I love my friends.  They teach me new stuff all the time.  I’ve seen a bunch of old friends in the last week as the summer comes to a close.  One very talented friend of mine (an actress) shared this bit of wisdom from Alfred Molina, her friend Fred.  Mr. Molina was in Chicago for a workshop at Northwestern University and at one of the classes he taught he said (and I paraphrase because I wasn’t there) that the way to approach each role and each production is to assume that everyone around you is a genius until they prove otherwise, and the only question that you should ask the director is, “Are you happy?’

Translation for the first day of school:

All of my colleagues know what they are doing.  They are talented educators and thinkers.  I believe in each of my students.  The question I should ask my students?  Not sure, but how about: Are you interested?

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  1. Paul C. says:

    Great advice. ‘Speak to the king , queen and the royalty will come forth.’

    There is an integral worth in everyone. For some it’s finding it in the rubble, in an environment which provided no encouragement or stimulation.

    Where lies their happiness, their passion, how can it be ignited?

    Best wishes in your year at school.

  2. Kate Tabor says:

    Thanks, Paul, for taking the time to read and comment.

    More and more I find that students are waiting for someone to speak to that king or queen inside them. Check out that Galway Kinnell poem that is humming inside my head (back a couple of posts).

    And to stay in Mr. Molina’s mindset – it’s a pleasure to meet another Canadian genius. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

    My best to you as well.


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